Ask Sleep Doctor Anything about Sleep Apnea! YouTube Live Stream!


This is the link of the YouTube live stream “Ask Sleep Doctor Anything about Sleep Apnea”! https://bit.ly/2KBxd3s The live stream will start on this Saturday at 7:30am. Pacific Time. See you there! You can comment on the right during the live stream. We will have a Q & A session in which doctor Chiang will answer some of the questions.

We are excited to announce our new YouTube program “Ask Sleep Doctor Anything”. We will include topics such as how to counterbalance sleep and work schedule for shift workers, benefits and side effects of insomnia drugs, sleeping tips during pregnancy, how to improve sleep for schooling children. The list goes on with focuses on different sleep disorders and sleep health problems for various population groups. We genuinely invite you to our online workshops to learn more about sleep health since we believe that sleep is of ultimate importance to establish the foundation of a healthy body system.



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