Big Improvement in APP 2.0

Hi Dear Backers!

Have you update SLEEPON to the latest 2.0 version? Big big improvement this time!!

The main features of ver 2.0:

NEW~1. Real-time data monitoring: Heart Rate/Oxygen  Level, etc.

  1. Professional daily sleep reports

NEW~3.Minute Data Report

4.Family and Friends Data Sharing

5.Sleep stages report

6.AHI report

7. Sleep activity and sleep debt report

8. Sleep Diary

NEW~9. Night Mode

NEW~10.Three font sizes selection

11. Bluetooth hardware connection and management, including firmware update over the air.


This app supports Apple’s health applications.Your Heart Rate, Oxygen Level, and sleep data will synchronize to the health center after authorization.

Do you like our APP 2.0? Email to service@sleepon.us, and tell us? 



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